BAYT Kosher Catering was created to provide the Jewish community with culinary excellence at an affordable price. BAYT Kosher Catering is the best option for those who care about serving their guests with standout dishes that can boast the best quality ingredients, beautiful presentation, and a variety of service options, all delivered at a cost-friendly price point.

Menus offered by the BAYT Kosher Catering begin at $60. Whether it’s a wedding, breakfast for a bris, or a Shabbos kiddush, you will be getting the ultimate value for your money.

Our friendly pricing includes, at no extra cost, brand new service dishes with clean, fluid, organic lines; these include giant martini- shaped glasses, shorters, and glass cubes, lending our tablescapes a subdued elegance that show off the cuisine to its best advantage.

Our Plexiglas bars are modern, sleek, and trendy, while our hors d’oeuvres are showcased on solid wooden planks because how we present our food is just as important as how it tastes.

Our investment in innovative technology and equipment are some of the other reasons that BAYT Kosher Catering stands apart. We offer proprietary floor plan software that allows you to easily arrange your seating plan and add additional guests in real time.  And our special restaurant-grade ovens are unsurpassed in allowing us to turn out dish after dish with absolute consistency in presentation and temperature.

When you consider all the extra touches and services offered by BAYT Kosher Catering, our value cannot be matched.

Let BAYT Kosher Catering take care of your simcha and discover how you can have exceptional cuisine, extraordinary presentation, and the latest in innovative breakthroughs delivered to you at an affordable price. Mazel Tov! We look forward to celebrating your simcha with you!